Organic Aloe Vera

AGHG Organic Aloe Farms

AGHG’s organic aloe plantation bases were first established in 2000 in Guangdong Province and Hainan Province with a plantation area growing to up to 750 acres. All of our aloe plants are Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, the most beneficial of the Aloe Vera species, and were originally imported from Taxes in the United States. We currently have over 10 million mature aloe plants and our annual yield of fresh aloe leaves can exceed 30,000 tons. AGHG aloe plantation bases are one of the largest, most standardized and organically certified aloe farms in China.

Plantation Location and Properties


-Ideal latitude for growing Aloe Vera( 112.48°E, 22.1°N);Suitable climate for open field plantation (no green houses);

- Away from big cities and pollutions;

-Rich soil; natural rainfall combined with underground water irrigation system; soil drainage system; and tree barrier boundaries to protect from high winds.

-Most importantly, organic fertilizers and well maintained farms make the best possible aloe plants.

Organic Plantation Quality Control

-We grow our aloe plants in strict accordance with the organic certification standards of the American National Organic Program (NOP), the European Union (EU), and of China.

-The aloe farms are managed and indentified by fields, so every aloe leaf has its own identity and every bottle of our products can be traced back to its origins in a specific aloe field.

-No pesticide, herbicide, chemical fertilizer, or growth hormones are utilized. -We use only organic fertilizers and our skilled farmers carefully weed and harvest our aloe fields.

Aloe Harvest Quality Control

-We harvest our aloe plants according to their natural growth cycle. Every season, only 3 to 4 leaves are harvested from one aloe plant. And a total of 12 to 16 leaves can be harvested every year.

-Our aloe plants can only be harvested when they are at least 3 years old and the measured level of polysaccharides exceeds 800 PPM. -At room temperature, the harvested leaves must be transported to the processing facilities within 2 hours. And within 12 hours of harvesting the fresh aloe leaves, we must finish processing and bottling our aloe products.

* Through organic farming methods, our aloe plants can contains up to 5 times more effective ingredients than their non-organic counterparts.