AloeCure is AGHG’s brand of Aloe Vera Extract sold to people seeking better natural health answers in the Unites States and around the world. AloeCure captures the wonder of organic Aloe Vera in its purest, freshest state. As the name makes clear, AloeCure brings the power of Aloe Vera to a wide range of people and conditions.

AGHG’s aloe based products start with Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plants that are organically grown in the tropical open fields. We ensure that our aloe plants are at least three years old and the measured level of polysaccharides in our aloe leaves exceeds 800 PPM before harvesting. Then we process with proprietary SATT technology to maintain the active nutrients in fresh organic Aloe Vera, which includes vitamins, polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals, bio-active enzymes and other helpful components. And to ensure freshness, the aloe processing is required to be finished within hours after harvesting.

Pure Aloe Extract

Balances Stomach Acidity Naturally

Daily Dietary Supplement

No Sugar Added

AloeCure Pure Aloe Extract has a mild taste because we remove the aloin, which otherwise imparts a strongly bitter taste to Aloe Vera. AGHG uses a proprietary and organically certified process to remove the aloin without chemical filtration, dilution, enzyme treatment or freeze drying.

AloeCure Pure Aloe Extract contains up to 99.7% natural Aloe Vera extract which provides vitamins, polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals, bio-active enzymes and many other helpful components. When taken as a supplement, our Pure Aloe Extract acts a natural acid buffer, soothes the digestive system, aids in balancing your stomach acidity and promotes healthy digestion.

Organic Aloe in Pure Water

Great taste. Good for your belly!

-Organic Aloe Vera, Pure Water, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Fat Free.

-Never from concentrate. Bottled at the source. All natural flavors.

-Sugar reduced formulas. No preservative.

-Feel the natural smoothness and crispness of fresh Aloe Vera chunks!