American Global Health Group, LLC.

American Global health Group, LLC, "AGHG", was established in 1999 in Seattle, WA, USA . Mr. Douglas N Jewett is the Chairman and Managing Member of the company.

From its inception, AGHG has been dedicated to building health and beauty products using the miracle of Aloe Vera.  AGHG hired top aloe experts as our advisors on how to manage the organic aloe plantations, design the production facilities, and develop natural aloe products that provide optimum health and beauty. At the same time, AGHG hired medical experts to do marketing research and assessment of our products. Combining the technology and culture of the United States and China in a talented and hard-working team, we have gradually developed our health and beauty business across five continents.

Our international sales center is located at the AGHG headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. The Asian sales center is in Guangdong, China.  AGHG has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Taishan AGHG Aloe Products Co. Ltd, which operates the production facility in China; Global Health (Taishan) Plantation Co.,Ltd, the operator of two farms in Taishan; and Hainan Zhengran Aloe Development Co. Ltd, operating AGHG's largest plantation base, located on Hainan Island in the middle of the South China Sea.

Our family of health and beauty products have been developed on the foundation of  Aloe Vera.  Now AGHG's products are selling at an accelerating pace throughout the world with principal markets in North America, Europe and Asia.


Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, Ph.D.  
Dr. Rodriguez has worked as a research chemist specializing in Aloe Vera for nearly 30 years. After serving as the Director of Research and Development for one of the largest aloe companies in the world, he opened a global consulting practice working with the world's most advanced aloe companies.

Dr. Liza Leal, M.D. 
Dr. Leal has been a practicing physician for fifteen years and is currently the Director of the Meridian  Medical Dental Healthcare in Sugar Land. Texas. Dr.Leal is an expert in the uses of Aloe Vera for both medical and dental purposes.

Douglas N. Jewett,  JD.,  Chairman of AGHG
With degrees from Dartmouth and Yale, Mr. Jewett has spent twenty years studying and testing dietary supplements for better health. For the past ten years he has been specifically focused on producing health and beauty products that utilize Aloe Vera and AGHG's proprietary technologies