SATT Fresh Aloe Technology

Innovative Technology to Capture the Natural Power of Aloe Vera

AGHG has developed state-of-the-art SATT technology for processing fresh organic Aloe Vera. SATT technology focuses on the control of stabilization, air contact, temperature and time. It is the most natural way to completely extract the most effective nutrients in fresh organic Aloe Vera and produces the highest quality aloe products.

Technological Strengths


After grinding the fresh Aloe Vera gel, the processes of enzyme inactivation and deoxidization help maintain the freshness, effectiveness and stability of active aloe nutrients for a prolonged period of time.

Air Contact

The processing procedures including batching, transferring by pipelines and filling are strictly controlled. Airtight containers and the application of negative pressure help avoid oxidation and contamination with microorganisms.


Based on the thermal stability of the nutritional components of fresh Aloe Vera, AGHG strictly controls the optimal sterilization temperature in order to effectively prevent the active nutrients in fresh Aloe Vera from being destroyed.


AGHG strictly controls the processing time from harvesting the fresh aloe leaves to packaging the finished products to capture the full range of active nutrients in fresh Aloe Vera while maintaining their effectiveness.